Filtrate Eyewear Product


Frame materials


Memory Flex (Grilamid TR-90) By design with a nylon material, the frames are flexible and can be bent without going out of shape & or breaking “Memory Flex”.


Individually handcrafted Acetate. Acetates are known for being strong, lightweight, and flexible. Acetate also has the widest rangefor transparency, rich colors, and finishes.

RAW Acetate

Premium Acetate stems from Cellulose Acetate, Which is a non- petroleum based plastic that is made from all natural cotton and wood fibers, Left unrefined to give each piece an organic look and feel.


“Monel” (A mixture of any of a broad range of Metals)is the most widely used material in the manufacture process of all metal frames. It’s malleability, corrosion resistance, timeless style, iconic & distinct shapes make for a great purchase. All of our Metal frames are avaible in polished black or chrome finishes.


Filtrate Eyewear Hardware

Metal Hinges

All frames come standard with 5 or 7 barrel metal hinges.

Filtrate Eyewear Metal Hinges

Lock-tight screw

Nylon sleeved screw to prevent hinge back out.

Lens Options

Filtrate Eyewear High Def CR-39 Lens

HIGH DEF CR-39 & HD CR-39 Polarized

A (Resin Polymer HD) lens than half the weight of glass with excellent optical clarity. High scratch resistant and 100% UV protection.

Filtrate Eyewear Polycarbonate Lens


A Polycarbonate (PC) lens is lightweight and up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses. Provides 100% protection from UV rays.

Filtrate Eyewear Nylon Lens


A Nylon (n) lens has excellent optical clarity with a high resistance to cracking making it better suited to rimless and metal frame styles All our Nylon lenses offer 100% protection from UV rays.

Filtrate Eyewear Polarized Lens


Filtrate uses a patented polarization technology lens that eliminates 99% of glare from water, snow, and other flat surfaces for enhanced visibility and color contrast. Provides 100% protection from UV rays.


Filtrate Eyewear Mirrored Lens


Reflective flash coating layer available in red, blue, and green.