Dege O'Connell

Age: 24

Birth Date: January 24 1990

Instagram: @degeoconnell

Home: Hana, Maui, Hawaii

What do chicks like about you: Im usually nice to them

Sponsors: Nimbus Surfboards, Dakine, Filtrate, Futures Fins

Favorite Spot:Peahi, Haleiwa and secret spots around home

One song: anything from Willie or Cash

Best result: 2nd at the Quiksilver El Salvador Pro 4 star, 5th at the ECSC 6 star

Goals: Get the best waves of my life and win a triple Crown

Favorite Porno: whatevers good

Do you deserve to be rich and why: I think i deserve to rich but as long as im happy i'll be alright

Favorite Product: The Sink

Photography by Brent Bielmann and Dooma Photos