Greg Valencia

Age: 25 years young

Birth Date: December 16th 1988. On some Beethoven ish.

Instagram: @Greg_valencia

Home: Vegas raised, Hollywood living!

What do chicks like about you: They don't even know. Neither do I.

Sponsors: Elephant Brand, Boom Movement, THEEVE, Filtrate, Members Only, SoggyBones Mag, and Active Ride Shop.

Favorite Spot: Anywhere with Levi Williams

One song: Too many

Best result: Water, vitamins, herbals, good vibes, high fives, proper food and maybe some coffee.

Goals: Kill it.

Favorite Porno: Saving Ryan's Private

Favorite Pornstar: Don't care for names

Do you deserve to be rich and why: I'll get my divine life amount

Favorite Products: Atlas, Sushi, & Cartel