Evan Mock

Evan Mock - Filtrate Eyewear

Age: 16

Birth Date: April 8 1997

Instagram: @evanmock

Home: Haleiwa, HI

What do chicks like about you: Nothing, besides the fact that I live in Hawaii

Sponsors: Hurley, Stance Socks, Kicker Audio, DVS Shoes, & of course Filtrate Eyewear

Favorite Spot: The Pointe at Waimea Bay. Best place on Earth or North Shore, Oahu

One song: Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix

Best result: 1st place at the Spider Cup, bowl sponsored division

Goals: Work as hard as I can until my idols are rivals

Favorite Porno: Ghetto Booty pt.2 hahahahaha

Favorite Pornstar: Kim Kardashian

Do you deserve to be rich and why: If you are talking about the type of rich as in money.. of course we all deserve to be rich. If people are making Snuggie's.. I'm sure we can come up with something way more useful to get rich off of

Favorite Products: Four Door, John Brown, Trader One


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