Why You Need 3 Pairs

Our BUY2GET1 FREE sale is here to help make sure you're fully equipped, prepared for anything, at any time, in any place. Getting your free sunnies is easy! Put 3 items in your cart, head to check out, and drop in the code BUY2GET1 and watch the price drop to "Free"

To help, here are a few of our favorites.


How many times have you walked out of the house, driven down the road on a cloudy or foggy day only to be pelted with blinding sunlight as soon as the weather clears? It's the worst. Can't see, the glare of the glass, other cars, surrounding water. It's awful. You tell yourself you've gotta keep a pair locked in there. Isn't that what the dashboard sunnies holder is for? Our recommendation for driving is the John Brown. The frame is a touch wider than it's competitors allowing for maximum optical view. The stems are set high so you don't have to check 2 blind spots. And it's incredibly light weight and comfortable. You can score a pair of the John Brown (also our best selling shade of all time) with polarized lenses for $64.00!


Each style of sunglass in your repertoire should serve a purpose and none other than your sport fishing glasses. First, they need to be polarized and every piece of eyewear we produce checks that box. Secondly, full frame protection and wrap for maximum field of view. Zero distractions.

That's why we suggest grabbing the sport fishing eyewear piece of 2019, the Trader one. It touches all the points above and comes in at a steal of a price for top quality sport fishing eyewear.


Next, you have your go-to. The style that's functional across any activity and just a tad stylish enough to cover you from camping and hiking to more formal, suited up occasions.Your all-arounder is the Strummer. It comes in a variety of different colorways, each suited with polarized lenses to reduce glare, protect your eyesight, and allow you optimum sight. It's also sleek, affordable, and ties in nicely whether you're checking the waves or headed for a day on the town.


Life happens, we get it. And losing/breaking those sunglasses you bought 3 weeks ago sucks. It sucks, even more, when they cost you a pretty penny, and you got polarized so you walked out of sunglasses hut with a charge upwards of $200 bucks. Yea bummer day.That's why we produce quality eyewear at affordable (and realistic prices). The most expensive product on our line is $75 and when you BUY2GET1, that price per sunny drops more than 30%. And we'll mention it again... POLARIZED. On every pair. So stock up, ditch the stress that comes with losing and breaking your overpriced sunnies and grab 3 pairs from Filtrate today!


Options are fun. Options let us shake up the daily routine and at the end of the day, isn't fun what we're here to do? So shake up the collection, add a few pairs you've been wanting to take the risk on and enjoy! Our collection has styles for everyone and nobody can match Filtrate's value for the price.

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