When Torrey Visits Filtrate HQ

Torrey's a big wave charger which makes him a legend amongst us mortal surfers at the office. You name it, there's a good chance he's surfed it (and surfed it successfully too). But what people don't normally see behind the big wave barrel charger that is Torrey Meister is the fun, witty, excitable human at heart that's also Torrey Meister.

This day started like any normal day for us. Torrey pops in, says hello, our staff photographer and Torrey start doing some studio shoots with the product. Torrey grabs a couple of his favorite shades and we're off to get some shots outside the office studio.

This is where the day gets a little loose. Torrey starts climbing into bushes, dancing with his dog Kona and humming along to country music songs. Next thing we know, Torrey's pulling out a prop from the backseat of his car.

It's half a man. Actually more like half a cowboy, rockin wrangler jeans, thousand dollar cowboy boots and made fully out of welded rebar.

"Umm... why do you have this?" ask our photographer.
"A better question is why not?" responds Torrey, "Found him in a thrift shop. Had to take him alone for the boots. Also, best prop ever!"

The following ensues. No Shortage of fun with this guy... ever.

Yep, we'd be scratching our heads after a photo shoot with half a cowboy too. 

Featured Styles
- The Ritz
- The John Brown
- The Strummer
- The Cowley
- The Whisky
The Bowery

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