The Return of Mayhem

In a good way 

Craftsmen are mayhem. Saws, sanders, dirt under fingernails, power drills, machinery. Walking into a factory can certainly be a bit chaotic. But if Matt “Mayhem” Biolos is the craftsman at the factory you're about to walk into, you’re in luck. You’re snaggin' one of the finest crafts money can buy.

That’s why we partnered with craftsmen like Matt, to build products that represent the quality, value, and creativity that craftsmen put into their work every day. The result, a sunglass that surpasses every mark. Killer product, full protection, polarized, it’s MAYHEM.

The Mayhem is an all-time classic eyewear piece from Filtrate. Limited inventory means it may be your last chance to grab one! 

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- Filtrate Eyewear