The John Brown... One of Filtrates All-Time Greatest Styles

Every company has its star product. Converse has the Chuck Taylor, Vans has the Authentic, at Filtrate we have the John Brown. It's a piece we designed with function and style at the forefront of our mind. What we didn't know was how much the world would come to appreciate it. Coming in a handful of colorways and lens options, plus Filtrate's top line technical features, makes this frame a must-have for any on-the-go traveler, sports enthusiast and/or adventure addict. And at $65 dollars it’s a steal!

Polarized lenses come standard on each style of the JB. That means visual enhancements when you need them most. Polarized lenses provide protection from harmful UV light and are designed to reduce glare from surfaces such as water, snow, and glass. This brings out the truest colors of your environment which means your eyes don't miss a thing.

The frames are constructed with our memory flex (Grilamid TR-90), which lets you put your sunnies to the test with confidence day in and day out.

Filtrate John Brown Outdoor Sunglass Adventure

Get down with the John Brown, a style that looks great anywhere, on every face. Enjoy the comfortable fit. You’re welcome. 

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