Music Tuesdays: Q&A with Kira Lingman


Kira Lingman - surf shop manager by day and bluesy goddess by night, sits down with us for some Q&A.  Tune in with her, and check out her spotify playlist below!


You’re kind of a unicorn - blonde bombshell with a flair for the blues, and really talented.  When did those moody sounds start peaking your interest?


Being the youngest, I was constantly influenced by all members of my family. My mom was always singing in choral groups and volunteered at the Redondo Beach Civic Light Opera for years, and my sister and I would get to see 3 musicals a year.  My brother has such a deep knowledge of Reggae and old-school country, that as a kid he’d recite lyrics to songs like they were poems.  My sister listened to everything…and I mean everything!  She was always introducing me to obscure b-sides from all kinds of genres.  My love of blues music came from my dad when we’d listen to “Nothing But the Blues” on 88.1 on road trips.  



You have quite the eclectic mix of musical paraphernalia.  Tell us about some of your gear.


When I do solo work it is totally different from the band experience.  I play harmonica, put shakers and tambourines on my shoes and I use a suitcase converted into a kick-drum for percussion.  I saw Shakey Graves do it and I was inspired to build my own!  With the band, I’ve been really getting into tones and experimenting with pedals.


If you were to put 3 artists in a musical blender - and out of it would come the sultry sounds of Kira Lingman - who would those 3 artists be?


Big Brother and The Holding Company

Alabama Shakes



Where does most of your sound base come from?


Collaboration. Indirectly or directly. I write about my friends, family, acquaintances and their experiences.  I love playing with musicians because everyone has their own interpretations of the music which makes it interesting and it allows a song to grow.





You're seen with or without a crew.  Prefer your full band or solo?


It’s a toss up. Ultimately I prefer playing with a band, but when I’m solo, I can really go off on tangents and try new things that I don’t normally do in a full band setting.  It's a real challenge to capture the audience with just me and an acoustic guitar.  But I love collaborating with musicians.  When you find people you have true chemistry with, it is a beautiful thing and the audience feels it.



If you could open for anyone in the world who’d it be (dead or alive)?


No brainer… Led Zeppelin 




If you like beer, you like the blues.  And all that know Kira, know that Kira has a deep love for both.  What’s your number one sinfully hoppy delight?


While I have a refined pallet for Coors Light … aka water, I recently came back from Belgium and fell in love with Tripels.  As for local fare, King Harbor Brewery has a bounty of great brews.  I love their Cerveza Hermosa! It’s my favorite!



We’ve lost a number of musical legends recently.  If you could resurrect one, who would it be?


David Bowie.  



At Filtrate we are all about Changing Perception.  What do you want your supporters to walk away feeling after they see you play?


I want them to feel pumped up! I want them to get out of their element! I want people to get lost in the music!  After a show, I’m sweaty and look nasty and I want my audience to look the same from dancing, cutting loose, and having fun!