Junk Food: Q + A With Filtrate Face Hannah Glasby


Hannah Glasby is a walking amplifier.  Young, high-energy, and unpredictable, we thought Hannah, previous face of Volcom, playboy playmate, and now one of the main faces of Filtrate, was the perfect person for some QA action and a killer Spotify playlist (see below).


So in an effort to get to know the gorgeous, outspoken comedy act that is Hannah Glasby, we sat with her and asked a series of extremely deep interpersonal questions.  Starting, of course, with noodles.






First, the noodle tattoo on your wrist.  Please explain. 


Long story short, I get real 'noodly' when I get drunk... baby giraffe type of thing. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm a bit of noodle when I'm sober too. Plus, it's just a bit of giggle.



You made your home in LA from Australia.  Tell us about how the transition came up and the differences between both places.


I actually left Australia when I was 17, moved to Europe for a couple of years on and off for work. Moved back to Oz for a lil' then made my way to NY.. Came to LA for a job, fell in love with it and the rest is history!  Lemme tell you, it isn't easy living away from your family and the country you grew up in, especially when it's a place as beautiful as Australia.  But it's a hell of a lot easier when the move is to Cali.  The weather, the people, the general vibe is very similar to Oz.  Plus, it's only a short 13 hour plane ride back, not half bad haha.



What’s the best part about living in LA?


The food, particularly Mexican. Oh, and the fuckin' weed.





Walk us through Hannah Glasby’s perfect, ideal day.


I'm a walking contradiction in so many ways, so I have two versions of a perfect day, sorry..

1. Wake up in Vegas, spend the day by the pool with my best friends and family getting day drunk, eat all of the food at all of the buffets and then gamble the night away.

2. Same friends and family but camping on the beach in Australia.  Wake up on the beach, build a fire to make some brekkie.  Swim, fish, hike, eat all day and sit by the fire and again, get drunk. 



Your proudest moment?


On the mushy side of me, when my nephew was born :) ... but honestly I'm proud of my life and career as a whole, I've been lucky enough to be a part of some amazing stuff.  In saying that, I've made sooo many mistakes but it's all part of the learning process and I've had a fuckton of fun. I'm a decade deep in this crazy job and still going strong, it's an awesome feeling.  Also, playboy was unexpected dream come true. Hopefully more shoots w/ them in the future! 



What other interests do you have besides modeling?


I LOVE to cook - me and my roommates just planted a veggie garden.  I just started to learn the ukulele, drawing.. I'm starting to sound like an 70 years old woman buuuttt I've done my fair share of partying in the past so now it's the simple pleasures in life that bring me joy. 



If you could describe your personality in 3 words what would they be.


Ummm dirty-minded, kind, and unique aka slightly crazy. 



What’s the most expensive thing you’ve worn?


I was 17 in Paris and it was a fuckin' 100,000 Euro necklace and a 250,000 Euro tiara at the same time. Came with two bodyguards that were permanently 2 feet to either side of me for the duration of the shoot.  



Your favorite feature on yourself?


Either my eyes or my legs. Eyes cause you can say a lot with just your eyes and my legs take up like three quarters of my body, I swear but it makes for good flexibility.



What are some of the biggest companies you’ve worked with.


I was lucky enough to walk bunch of shows my first Paris fashion week. I worked for Chanel, Hugo boss, Christian Dior.. couple of others.  Locally, did a campaign for Forever 21 that went world wide, I was the face of Volcom Women's for like 6 seasons, Hudson jeans campaign, playboy etc.. all a ton of fun.



How do you reward yourself for a hard days work?


Usually pour myself a shot of vodka and smoke a joint and eat a delicious meal. 



If you could jump into a pool of anything, what would it be and why?


Fuck that's a hard one, I dunno.. chocolate?  Or I could be typical and say money.. 



What’s your favorite post-shoot eats?


The forementioned Mexican food, soup and crusty bread, perhaps IAO.




Favorite musician or group, dead or alive.


There is no way I can answer this, I plead the fifth. 





We did some stalking and found some clips of you singing.  They now are on repeat in our office.  Ever think of starting a band?


Everyone loves some light stalking... and aww guys, so sweet of you to say.  Whilst I enjoy singing, no band assembling in the near future.  But I am trying to learn the ukulele/hopefully guitar soon so I can be a one woman band sooner than we thought, haha.


Your favorite Filtrate shades?


The entire rose collection is' bomb, but I love the Bowery, classic and fuckin' cool.



If you could make up a quote right now that everyone in the world would hear, what would you have to say?


I'm actually gunna steal this from my mate Riley but :

If you can do what ya love and have fun, you fuckin stole a day from life. Let's be thieves.




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