18 May, 2017

Filip and Faith on Love, Music, Modeling and More

Filip Milenkovic and Faith Picozzi are the ultimate visual package on all ends of the spectrum.  Creativity is the baseline of their relationship, and this photographer and model duo regularly come up with eye catching projects stemming from a myriad of inspiration.  They've garnered a lot of attention from Playboy, and although they are both pros in their respective areas, something tells us they're just getting started.  Filip and Faith are both faces of Filtrate, and we caught up with them to get a glimpse of what it's like in the day of a life of a boss power couple.

How did you two lovebirds meet?
Long story short, it started on social media but we officially met roller skating ;)
What era do you each feel most attached to?
Faith: 70s
Filip: 70s/80s
What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on together?
-Our Playboy editorial was a lot of fun since we had full creative control of the shoot.
-Apple Campaign shot by David Sims. They wanted a real couple for this job! It was a really cool day, we shot at the back lot of Universal Studios.


If you each had to bring a musician back from the dead, who would it be?
That’s a hard one… There’s so many great musicians but if we have to pick one each.
Faith: Janice Joplin
Filip: Michael Jackson
Faith: What are some of the bigger companies you’ve worked with? 
Alice & Olivia, Ray-ban, Levis, Nina Ricci, Nordstrom, H&M, Adidas
Filip:  Do you find it’s easy or more difficult when a photographic muse is your significant other?
It’s easy. There’s already a comfort and knowledge of what we want to get out of a shoot, plus Faith’s a pro.


What is the most interesting place you both have shot at when working together?There are a few :) Paris, Maui and we always love working in Palm Springs. 


Faith:  What was life like growing up?

Well, I am originally from Las Vegas. I come from a show business family of magicians (my aunt is Melinda “The First Lady of Magic”) show girls, and show producers. I basically grew up backstage. I would always play dress up in the costumes and try to put makeup on like the performers. I spent most of my days in dance class, training to have my own show before I got into modeling. I was discovered by an agent at 15 years old and decided to see where that would take me. Modeling was exciting and I got to travel the world, Paris, London, China, New York, and I’m currently in LA!


Filip:  What gear are you using?

I mostly shoot on 120mm, 35mm & Polaroids. I have about 10 cameras I switch back and forth with, some of them are contax, mamiya, canon and olympus.


Describe each other in 3 words.

Filip: She is loving, sweet and passionate.
Faith: He is caring, easy going and talented. 


Where do each of you get your inspiration from?
It comes from our surroundings mostly. We can get inspired by a photo, a movie, a novel, an art piece, different sounds, clothing, etc.  Inspiration is everywhere for us.


Where are you guys in 5 years?
Purchasing a home, possibly somewhere in Europe, we both love it there. Traveling around the world. Continuing to have careers that we enjoy.


If you could each make up a sentence to tell the entire world, what would it be?

Faith: Never give up and have faith.
Filip: We need to love more and hate less.

Listen to Filip and Faith's 10 music pics below and be sure to check out their Playboy feature - and their respective instas

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