Brandon Farmer: Entrepreneur, Race Car Driver, INFILTRATOR

Meet Brandon Farmer. He's a local San Diego kid pursuing his dreams and chasing the love of the race. Brandon's one of the newest members to the infiltrator team and we're excited about this kid's future. He runs his own business, dedicated to life in the fast lane, and has some lofty dreams that we know he'll achieve in the not so distant future. We had Brandon come by FILTRATE HQ the other day for a sit-down interview and of course, a little joy ride in the Subarus.

Interviewer: Tell us a little bit about Brandon Farmer… Who is he, how old are you, give us elevator pitch to your life story?

Hi my name is Brandon Farmer and I am 19 years old. I grew up in Encinitas Ca. Both my parents were tennis pros and coaches, so after school each day I would join them on the side of the court until they were done teaching. Growing up, the plan was to play tennis and get a college degree but that changed pretty quickly. Finding my passion early on completely curtailed those plans. 

Interviewer: No way, so what is it that makes Brandon Farmer tick?

Brandon: I’d have to say what makes me tick is the adrenaline rush before a race. Interviewer: Racing and cars are at the core of your being, that’s a really unique thing to get into, how’d you fall in love with speed and cars?

Brandon: Falling in love with racing cars was an accident actually. I had my mind and career set on tennis, but midway through my tennis pursuits, my parents surprised me with a dirt bike. I was excited but also horrified. I rode the bike more and eventually, the fear subsided. That bike was the spark that led to many years of riding in the desert and it introduced me to the adrenaline rush that I’m fully in love with today. Interviewer: So is that how Trendline Motorsport (Brandon's business) came about? 

Brandon: Well not exactly, that was just the start. After learning how to race I wanted to transfer everything I learned to the road. And I knew the Subaru Wrx and STI were the perfect cars to modify. 

At Trendline Motorsport, we are a one-stop shop. We do everything from customization for reupholstered seats, high-performance engine modifications, and just everyday information so drivers can access the best info on the parts and modifications they're looking to make on their own vehicles. The list goes on and we do a handful of other things but that's our main mission and goal.Interviewer: That’s rad. As a car enthusiast, sight is probably pretty important, what is it that makes Filtrate Eyewear the best product for your world? Both in the car and out on the town?

Brandon: Great point. Vision is probably one of the biggest factors drivers face on the road. If a driver does not have the proper vision or something is bothering him or her, the results can be very bad. Filtrate has nailed their sunglasses with their polarized technology and the weight of the frames. Not once have I had any problems or slipping with my glasses while driving. 

Plus, these glasses are also so sick, I use them in every daily situation. the lightweight, comfort, and style are incredible. I don't understand how they get away with retailing them at such a great price. 

Interviewer: What’s your favorite pair of shades from Filtrate?

Brandon: I really love the Forum piece from Filtrate. Whether I’m driving or walking around town. These glasses are essential for my everyday activities. Interviewer: Okay, last question… we’re the #brandofthefree. We want to know, what does that mean to you?

Brandon: Living life by your rules pursuing your passions...I don’t think any other hashtag could sum it up for Filtrate as well as that.

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