Filtrate Fashion Eyewear for International Travelers



Finally, you have booked that once in a lifetime journey, exploring Explore the vast world, traversing Australia’s rugged coast, the islands of the pacific with surfboard in hand, or some other fantastic International destination.

International travel with Filtrate


The first thing most people notice about you is your face whether it is to recognize or to memorize. And there sits atop your beautiful nose, the ultimate choice in mens or womens eyewear, Filtrate sunglasses. You are amazed as random people stop you in the street and inquire about your eyewear – Dam you look good! Where did you get those? Whose are they? I don’t know this designer. I need those sunglasses…...!!!

You smile and tell them you will let them in on an industry secret that is about to change the world of fashion sunglasses. Your small audience of one hangs on your every word about Filtrate Fashion Eyewear. Do they have both men’s and women’s eyewear? Yes. But you want to tell them all about the unique traits that make Filtrate sunglasses the best pair of sunglasses you will find.


International Eyewear


As you throw out words like injected and Memory Flex (Grillamid TR-90), available in the Injected line their eyes widen. What the hell does this mean? Briefly, you explain that Filtrate sunglasses frames are made of special materials to provide you with the ultimate fit and comfort, noting how your sunglasses rest gently on your face, enhancing your very essence. As you describe the unique RAW acetate process used to make each pair individually unique, you point out the hand crafted premium finish on your special pair of sunglasses.


RAW sunglasses by Filtrate Eyewear


Briefly, you note the importance of the frame and material quality. Moving on, you tell them about the variety of lenses available such as High Def CR-39, poly-carbonate, nylon, polarized, and mirrored, noting the lightweight qualities and clarity of the High Def CR-39 sunglasses that you are wearing. You let your new friend try yours on just for a second to see and feel the weight and clarity. You note the availability of different shaped frames to flatter any face.

You save the best part for last, which is sure to amaze your new friends. Surely this quality of fashion eyewear must cost a fortune. Great sunglasses are very expensive. Or are they? You tease your new friend only a bit, just for fun. As you tell your new friend the price range, which is under $100.00, your friend gasps in shock and smiles at their good fortune. It's a good feeling to finally get a great product without having to pay a premium price!