Best Sunglasses for Fishing



If you’re going fishing and need sunglasses there is only one way to go - GET POLARIZED!! Trust us, you won't regret it! The only other choice you really have is the lens color. Brown polarized or Grey Polarized? Many people prefer the brown tint as it picks up the light a little more, especially when it’s overcast. However the Grey Polarized lens can feel more comfortable in a brighter environment. An option would be to buy both and the beauty with our products is you can buy 2 pairs for the same price as our competitor’s charge, so why not get both colors??


 So you want to head out and throw a line with the guys. Best you grab yourself a six pack of beers on the way, as this will definitely help with the attraction of fish. This will also help in adding a more stimulating conversation to the fishing "social occasion", just make sure the girl friend or boy friend picks you up after as driving while under the intoxication of alcohol can be quite a challenge when trying to navigate your way home, it's also illegal in some states! 


So back to the sunglasses situation... If your plan is to do a good few hours on the water then just don’t forget your sunglasses!!! Because if you do catch something, you may want to see what it is before it bites your hand off. Also, it's also great if you can get some value in the sunglasses you purchase. Put simply - the whole reason we started Filtrate 12 years ago was to provide you guys with better quality sunglasses at accessible prices, so you had more money left over for the important things in life! And besides, our polarized sunglasses Offer 100% UV protection with a lifetime manufacturing warranty and they have amazing clarity.

All our sunglasses are made out of the highest quality materials, including Grilamid, memory flex (TR-90) for all out injected frames and Cellulose Acetate for all our Classic and RAW frames. Cellulose Acetate is a non petroleum material made using a plant extract. Acetate produces amazing colors and is pliable to be shaped to fit your face.


So what sunglasses do you want on that next fishing excursion?? There are many choices on the market when it comes to sunglasses and polarized lenses. We have a couple of choices here that will not only make you look good, they will also save you money while protecting your eyes as you’re holding your pole. So enjoy the experience. 


We believe that everyone should be able to have high quality, affordable eyewear that will last, something they will look good in while protect their eyes without the expensive price tags of the luxury brands. Our mission is to provide a valuable alternative to the established order.



Tracer 2 polarized fishing sunglasses

Tracer 2

 Available in

Choc mate /Brown polarized lens

Black Gloss / Grey polarized lens

Black matte / Grey polarized lens


John Brown Tortoise matte polarized sunglasses

John Brown

Available in

Black Gloss / Grey polarized

Tortoise Matte / Brown polarized

Blue Frost matte / Grey polarized

Grey Frost matte / Grey polarized lens

Orange frost matte / Grey polarized lens

Chock matte / Brown polarized lens