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Some good advice when buying sunglasses

With so many sunglasses available on the market, it’s hard to buy quality eyewear that provides you with a unique value proposition. You have to be smart when purchasing as you could end up with a real dud. Confidence that you are getting the right product will make the decision much easier. One of the most important things is that you are buying from a reputable brand and that they offer you a good warranty. You simply can't expect to get cheap, quality sunglasses, so it pays to spend that little extra.

At Filtrate Eyewear, we deliver on our promise of premium quality eye wear that's more affordable for you. We offer a lifetime warranty on manufacturing faults.

We wanted to help you make the right choice so, we’ve given you some valuable information when looking to buy your favorite fashion accessory.


There are a few different warranties that manufacturers offer to their customers. There are also many that don’t come through with their promises, so make sure it’s at least 1 year from the date you purchased your sunglasses. Also, if it’s a well known brand that’s been around for a while, they will probably be there if you have a problem in the future.


One of the most important things to consider when buying sunglasses is the materials used to make the sunglasses. This will make or “break” your sunglasses, literally! There is a reason why you can buy very cheap sunglasses and this is generally because they are made from very cheap materials and made very quickly. So, what are the best materials you may ask? Well, we are going to tell you.

Sunglasses Frames – If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses you want to last without being scared to knock them around a bit, then we suggest you look for sunglasses made from the following materials.

• TR-90 or Grilamid

(Nylon) This material has an elasticity and will go back into shape after it’s bent. It is also light weight so it’s sits very comfortably on your face.

• Cellulose Acetate

This is made form a non petroleum, plant based material so it's better for the environment. It’s very pliable and it can be reshaped to fit your face. Acetate is know for producing some amazing colors, making it a great choice for the premium eye wear market.

• Poly-carbonate

This material is used in the cheap sunglass models and does not have a very long life span. It's an extremely hard material but can crack under pressure.

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Sunglass lenses –

Lens technology has advanced a great deal in the past few years. Gone are the days of having to pay ridiculous amounts of money for high quality lenses. Saying this, you still have to be careful; there are still many cheap (poor quality) alternatives in the market, so be cautious when choosing a lens. Make sure it has optical clarity and is not foggy or blurry when looking through the lens. The main 4 lenses used in quality eye wear frames today are
• Poly-carbonate lens – The most widely used lens for sunglasses, poly-carbonate is optically correct, lightweight and impact resistant.
• CR-39 – A resin based sunglass lens, also used for optical lenses because of its clarity. The only clearer lens currently on the market are glass lenses.
• Glass lens – The best lenses on the market are made from glass; its optical clarity is second to none but does have some disadvantages. It's heavy and you will feel it after wearing for a while. It's also expensive and can break quite easily.
• Nylon Lens – Mainly used in Metal sunglasses because of it’s softness when drilling or adding screws to hold the lens into the frame. Nylon lenses are also optically correct.

The thing to be careful when choosing sunglasses is many of the cheap sunglasses available use recycled materials in their lenses that could cause eye-strain.


Filtrate Eyewear's materials

Sunglass frames – Our injected performance range of eyewear is made using the highest quality TR-90 (Grilamid). This is the perfect material for long lasting fashion or sporting eyewear.

Filtrate Classic & Working Class frames– Hand crafted using Cellulose Acetate and finished off with a high gloss coating for a premium finish.

Filtrate RAW frames – Hand crafted using RAW cellulose Acetate and finished off with our unique RAW finish, for an organic look and feel.

Filtrate Lenses – Our injected performance range uses 100% UV protecting Poly-carbonate lenses for both POLARIZED and NON-POLARIZED lenses. These lenses are considered the best for injected molding sunglasses.

Our RAW and Classic frames use 100% UV protecting, High Definition CR-39 lenses for our POLARIZED and NON-POLARIZED LENSES for optimum clarity.

Our metal frames come with high quality Nylon lenses for clarity and durability.

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