7 Things NOT to do with your sunglasses

1. Watch the Fast and Furious 7 with them

After getting over excited on the finishing scene, there may be a slight temptation to go down to the local Good Year Tire center, get the Prius wrapped with new rubber, get out to the local street scene and take on Vin Deisel in a race for pink slips. Sunglasses would be no good for you in this scenario.


 As you can see from the picture below - 3 in 5 men go bald.


2. Use them as a flotation device if the boat sinks

There is a good chance that sunglasses may not be the best choice of flotation aid if your boat has sprung a leak. If you do decide to try this, please first make sure that the sunglasses you have chosen as your flotation device are ones that actually float. We do not sell these types of sunglasses but they can be purchased from our friends at Dragon, However, you may need to ask them if their sunglasses will be useful in this scenario.


3. Leave them on the car roof

Our anti scratch lens coating may not stand up to the speed at which a Prius can travel. If you are lucky, they may last a corner or two on the roof. If you do remember you have left them on the roof, the decision to stop, pull over and get your sunglasses may cause you to be beaten by Vin; in-turn probably not winning the race and having to sleep with Rizzo instead of Sandy. Also we are sorry; our warranty does not cover lens scratches. So you can see the conundrum you would be in here.


4. Use them for chop sticks

May not be appreciated in restaurants serving noodle, oriental food.


5. Put peanut butter on your “Sunglasses” and let your dog lick it

You know what we mean.



6. Used as a Shark Deterrent


It's unlikely that this will work.


Photo @oceanicramsey 


7. Use them as an alternative to an arc welding mask

Hopefully you realize this may not be the best idea, you should use at least 2 pairs for this.




Disclaimer - This advice may not be from the best sources and much of this may not be fact. We especially advise that you do not use the advice in point 7 in any way.

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