15 October, 2015

Punk Album Art for us all

Never Mind the Bollocks 

Some of the best Album covers come from some of the most creative bands that decide they don’t want to conform to the norm. When an album cover has a message behind the design and images, you really do appreciate the effort that has gone into the creation and most likely the music will have some inspirational lyrics to make it whole. You don't have to like Punk music to appreciate the messages behind these albums but at least they were trying to get a message across that meant something worth singing for.  While on that - How can music without a soul become so popular?? I mean “Baby, baby, baby ohhhhhh…..” (Thanks for that Justin Bieber) Maybe we are living in an opposite dimension where all bad music goes to the top of the pops!!? I would think so after switching on any FM radio station in the hope of indulging my ears in a bit of easy listening….. How can this even compare to classic 80’s songs like - Flock of Seagulls “I Ran”? Well, it simply cannot!



Anyway we are going off on a bit of a tangent here as it’s about the Art on the cover and not the art of the music within the album. Perhaps that’s something we can discuss at another time.


 So what’s your favorite Punk album cover of all time? Here’s a few we think are standouts, not only because of the Art but also because of the hours of listening enjoyment they have provided. These are in no particular order, we like them all and would hate to upset anyone who may think differently. If you like a bit of Punk Rock and haven't heard some of these albums, we recommend you check these out as you will not be disappointed.


Punk art for us all


So to finish off (or maybe to start) the music side of this discussion, perhaps we can ponder on these thoughts - are you bored with the UN-creative? Do you want more when it comes to listening to music? Besides, music does feed the sole. It can change moods, help when you get dumped and can get you through a hard day, week or year. So should we maybe categorize music into something that is more understandable for us hard-core music lovers? Perhaps it's what's needed to revolutionize the music we listen to, what is acceptable to be played on the radio, or even be recorded, maybe a music governor that simply stops the crap from playing. More on this soon………