07 October, 2015

The Hemp Revolution "It's no dope"

Hemp has been around for a long time, it’s fibers are a lot stronger than cotton and has less of an environmental impact. It can be used to make your jeans or rolled up and smoked….

Well that’s not really the subject here (not smoking it anyway). You wouldn't get stoned if you tried.... However, as an alternative to paper, rope, clothing and many other things, Hemp dramatically reduces the carbon footprint compared to cotton. So there the question lies - why are we not using hemp as an alternative for these products??

There’s a long, very interesting story on Hemp but unfortunately because it comes from an illegal plant (in some states) it has gotten itself a bad reputation. Even though Hemp does have traces of THC, it won't get you high (even if you decide to smoke your jeans).

So what are the truths behind why we are not using hemp more? It's environmentally friendly, fast and easy to grow, it can be used for food, for clothing, has a nutritional value and many other uses with 1/5 of the pollution to alternative products....   If it helps the planet and the people, shouldn't we be?


Hopefully by people joining together to stand for a good cause, we can make some progress towards a positive change.

We look forward to this movie filling us in on the Hemp story and providing some more answers to the questions above....