01 September, 2015

"Bitetime" by Ian Mutch

Filtrate Artist Ian Mutch's Bitetime exhibition 

Art by Ian Mutch

Celebrating the release of a brand new 'superzine', Bitetime is a selection of artworks, drawings, random travels and experiences, by Ian Mutch
The exhibition explores beauty through nature and narrative, comparing snippets of the artists life. As a child in Africa, and travels through Asia and Japan, to the surrounds of his coastal studio in sout-west Australia. The Artworks immerse the viewer into a detailed view on the world.
"Bitetime" is both an exhibition and a mini journal - an intriguing colorful art booklet, neatly packaged with a build it yourself bitetime character and a vinyl sticker. Ian Mutch is no stranger to Print. As a co-founder of Kingbrown magazine, Mutch continues to drive the magazines design and packaging, experimenting with hand crafted layouts, embellishments, publishing ideas and inserts.
Ian Mutch is an Australian artist exploring beauty through nature, narrative and details. Mutch creates work on a variety of scales, using acrylics, aerosols and inks. Wild brushstrokes and layered backgrounds are detailed with entertaining illustrations, whimsical characters, trees, birds, animals, pop culture, colliding universes and patterns.
Bio/CV - Born in South Africa, Ian Mutch draws a great deal upbringing surrounded by wild landscapes, animals and patterns. Japan has a large influence on his work also, having traveled there numerous times. Mutch has since lived in various parts of Australia, now residing in South-West WA. His artwork has won awards, given life to public spaces, and featured in well known publications. 
Ian Mutch also designs and co-publishes Kingbrown Magazine and has been an industry speaker at Agideas Melbourne, the Design Institute of Australia and semi permanent.
Clients include: Nando's, Havana Club, Filtrate Eyewear, Columbia Pictures, Tiger Beer, Woolworths, Colonial Brewing Co.
Exhibitions: Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay, Singapore, Bangkok, Indonesia, New York and London.

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