Quality Eyewear by Filtrate

Sunglass design and manufacturing; we truly love it!

Having one of the best ranges of eyewear available on the market does not come easy. Working to be innovative whilst offering quality and on-point styling at an affordable price is a challenge but something we constantly work hard to achieve.


 Given the opportunity to produce a fashion accessory to make another human happy has brought many smiles to our faces. I still remember back in 2004, Australia, when I first saw a stranger walking down the street wearing a pair of Filtrate’s. That was all I needed to get that feeling of success. To see us grow as a company and to have our products sold on so many continents still gives me that same sense of pride.


 As we work on our 2016 range, we will share with you some of the up and coming designs so stay tuned for that. We would also like to share with you the manufacturing process so you can see what goes into making our products.


 Thanks to all the people that support Filtrate and remember, we don’t charge you for our marketing; that’s how we keep our prices low…..


 The Proper 2 from our Working Class range

Quality Eyewear

 Filtrate Eyewear uses the highest quality material in producing it's eyewear.


  • Our Injected frames are made using Grilamid (TR-90) memory flex for strength and performance. They are built to last while giving you the protection you need
  •   Our Classic hand made range is made from Cellulose Acetate. This pliable material made form a non petroleum, plant based resin. Great for shaping sunglasses and offers a greater range of colors.
  • Our RAW hand made range uses Cellulose acetate while adding a unique finish for that individual look and feel.


We have a choice of 3 100% UV protection lenses.

  • Polly Carbonate lenses - Grade A1. Optically correct, impact resistant, lightweight  lenses.
  • High Definition CR-39 Lens - This is the typical lenses used for prescription lenses because of their clarity. Best lenses for Cellulose Acetate frames.
  • Nylon - High quality, softer optical quality lens used mainly in metal frames. Nylon lenses don't crack as poly carbonate lenses can when screwed. 

The Rosie from our Classic collection


Hand made eyewear