23 June, 2015


Filtrate Eyewears youngest Advocate Kaiser had the privilege to go on a recent trip to Bali. We've been receiving content from his father while they go around all the small towns delivering school supplies, fishing and shredding the local waves. "We are now on the island of Roti, surf small but fun ,waiting on swell.  We went fishing and scored catching 4 nice fish, 2 50lbs + Uluas. 
We also went to a school in the village here where we brought as much school supplies as we could carry here.  Paints, crayons, pencils, folders, etc.  The kids were super stoked and freaking out on Kaisers white hair.  They were chasing him around like a rock star.  I think he was a little freaked out, especially since they kept wanting to squeeze his cheeks.
It puts a big smile on Kaisers face when he leaves these schools.  Makes him feel really good." Here's a few photos from the trip.