RAW Collection Fashion Eyewear

Finding a unique pair of fashion sunglasses these days is very hard and there needed to be something fresh injected into the Eyewear market. There have not been a lot of changes in the eyewear industry for some time, so we felt that we needed to offer our customers a point of difference. We wanted to bring something new and exciting to the market, and after testing some new finishes we came up with a unique coating we are very prod of - the Filtrate RAW range.  This is an exciting range of Sunglasses designed in the USA using high quality Celulose Acetate and HD, CR-39 lenses for optimum clarity.  Filtrate products, they will not send you broke.
Known for high quality eyeglasses, Filtrate stands by our sunglasses offering a lifetime manufacturing warranty. Check out some of the exciting and unique RAW sunglasses below.
Our RAW Collection fashion Eyewear is made from cellulose acetate. Cellulose acetate is a non-petroleum based material that is made from all natural cotton, wood fibers, and is hypoallergenic. This material was first used for fashion Eyewear in the late 1940's because of brittleness and other issues with plastics.

We use a unique process to manufacture our cellulose acetate frames that gives each piece an individualized look and feel, no two pairs are alike. Change Your Perception with our RAW collection by Filtrate Eyewear.

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Filtrate RAW Bliss sunglasses
Filtrate RAW sunglasses
 Oxford sunglasses by Filtrate EyewearRAW sunglasses