07 October, 2014

the mad hueys take america by storm

Filtrate Team Rider and Advocate "Brenno" (Brent Dorrington) is mostly know for his polished surfing and crazed Aussie crew The Mad Hueys. Their motto "The Mad Hueys are about getting up in the morning and looking out the window and saying "I'm the maddest Huey in this joint. No barney, no wave, no fish, no boat, no rod, no person, no party can stop us, cause we run with the deepest pack in the business and just in case you forgot what it was... it's The Mad Fucking Hueys" They are hands down some of the most outrages dudes out there taking full advantage of everyday life. They recently packed their bags and headed to the states to go absolutely mad, joined by fellow Aussie and mad man himself Paul Fisher. Although there isn't any surfing in the video, Looks like they enjoyed their time.