07 October, 2014

Behind The Image with Filtrate Advocate Russell Ord

"Behind the Image:

Behind the image is the long story, short story or even just a few token words describing what took place behind the photo, it may be technical which I very must doubt, about the subject, what went into taking the photo, what I would do different next time, basically anything that comes to mind, scribbling notes at the time will recall the facts, talking it up or down is not out of the equation, its also open for discussion, questions, banter, jargon, requests and everything in between, ENJOY!

Paul Paterson “Antman”

Location: Western Australia (That’s close enough)

Technical Camera Jargon: Nikon D3 – 70-200mm 2.8G – ISO 400 – Focal 155mm -f/3.5 – 1/2500 – Aquatech Housing – Pouring down with rain!

You cant see this happening before you let go of the rope, the end bowl closing out making your exit non existent, its happened to all surfers that have a good crack at the place, locals, Rufus, Grigson, Shanahan, and chargers Ross, Mathews, the list goes on, Paul Paterson was the unlucky recipient on this day.

A few days before Antman calls and is looking at this swell about to detonate on the coast, “Twiggy Baker is coming over and is keen to hit it” I am in for sure but think it’s a 50/50 call, way to windy in my view but I should always remember that Antman makes the best calls, he is very rarely wrong.

Twiggy gets some bombs, goes down on one and pulls the cord, his wetsuit with the in built airbag gets him to the top before getting pushed any deeper blowing out his ear drums, Paul nails a few himself before this happens, one of the worst wipe-outs I have ever seen, I forgot to mention they were the only tow team and it was myself on the camera along with Darren McCagh shooting video, that’s right we double up as the safety team.

Antman goes down hard, Twiggy and ourselves look in the usual spots for a pickup, second wave hits which happens to be as big as the first, no sign of Paul, the third wave caps at the top without breaking, more of a surge, there is an elbow with what looks like a waving hand, Antman cannot correct himself for a breath, blown ear drums, taking a good guess, it had to be close to a minute hold down, Twiggy picks him up in quick time and obviously the session is over, I don’t know how he survived that but he was in total control of the circumstances.

Words from Paul Paterson as we arrived at the boat-ramp: I knew I was in trouble, I must have done between 70-100 summersault’s underwater, I had to stay completely calm and not try to fight my way to the top for a breath, I was pinned in the same spot, the second wave hit, my limbs started to shut down, I have been in this situation before, I knew my body was conserving energy, keeping calm was my number one concern, suddenly I was at the surface but I could not breath, I cant turn my head for a breath then Twiggy scooped me from the water, shit, fresh air has never tasted so good.

What I get from this myself is preparation is absolute key, hats of to you Antman, till next time."



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