26 September, 2014

Filtrate X Mayhem Collaboration

It's been a year to date that we announced our collaboration sunglass with industry leader in surfboard design and innovation Matt 'MAYHEM' Biolos.  Our goal was to continue to align our ‘Hand Made Classics Collection’ around master craftsmen, and that's just what we did! Our ‘Hand-Made’, acetate, collection is inspired by our everyday working class hero. Every piece in the collection is handcrafted in a time consuming process that ensures a premium finish and personalized touch. It is a long process to develop a new style and we are beyond excited about the partnership with Mayhem.  Matt went on to state “The fact that Filtrate takes the initiative to support and celebrate the craftsman and artist… and not [just] the athletes or rock stars, is unique and original in the world of eyewear. I am excited and proud to be working with them on a collaboration of design and product”. A year later we are still psyched on the final outcome of this piece, lucky for you we still got em' in stock and or at your local retailer! Go get em!

Filtrate Eyewear Collaboration with Matt "MAYHEM" Biolos from Filtrate Eyewear on Vimeo.