"If we can make it here" by Filtrate Team rider Dylan Goodale

Did we mentions D.G writes.. Check out his latest blog for SURFING MAGazine 


"Poke your head outside. Allow it to take you. Coffee will be consumed not out of necessity, but out of habit. The city itself will fuel you with the colossal energy of a whole lot of everything. It floods your systems until moods of tiredness, boredom, and laziness are all but a memory that doesn’t even scrape the sky. She is truly alive, truly beautiful, and she beckons you to become a part of it. Above all, she is irresistible. So go ahead and take your first steps into the streaming daylight and get lost in what New York City has in store for you."


For more click the link http://www.surfingmagazine.com/blogs/can-make/



Photo: Jimmicane