Filtrate Eyewear Advocate Kaiser Auberlen heads South

Recently Filtrate Eyewears' youngest Team Rider Kaiser Auberlen had a chance to head south to Nicaragua. Not just to surf epic waves but to give back to the community. We as surfers can forget to give back to these less fortunate countries that we travel to for our surfing pleasure. It's refreshing to see our youth displaying acts of kindness, and not forgetting to remain humble and appreciative.  When we asked how the trip was, the following is what was received. 


"We went on a family surf trip to Nicaragua for 2 weeks, in last part of June.

We stayed at Playa Colorado were we scored some sick beach break everyday. We also surfed Popoyo Reef, Rancho Santana, a semi secret left point and our favorite spot was Playgrounds, a left like Trestles right but with a sick hollow section.

We surfed every single day at least 6 hours, surf never got under 6' faces and got up to 12' faces. It stays offshore all day long, so you just pick the best tides.

There are cool monkeys and lots of wildlife, it's a beautiful place and very safe.

We also did something really cool, we went by horse back 45 minutes up in the hills to a school . Trying to teach my kids you can't just take when you go places , you need to give back. We met the kids , donated paper, pens, crayons, stickers , tees, water bottles, glasses and hats. Was a real moving experience for everyone."