Filtrate Advocate Russell Ord

Russell is widely regarded as one of Australia's (if not the worlds) most extreme water photographers. He places himself in the impact zone of some of the deadliest slabs on the planet - that don't just have below sea level, warping mountains of water unfolding onto shallow slabs of reef Kilometers out at sea - but also happen to be the haunt of large Great White visitations. “You can spend all day looking at Russell’s work, his timing and camera placement is perfect (and ballsy!) He is an artist and an amazing waterman. Filtrate Eyewear is stoked to have Russ as an Advocate”. Says co founder Wade Sutton. Want to see more of Russell's photos? Click Here! 

A doco called "One Shot" will be out early 2015 covering his work...



ONE SHOT- an Image and an Attitude (teaser) from Darren McCagh on Vimeo.


Picture of Russell filming was taken by Trent Slatter



For More of Russell's work check out