Katie Williams Links up with 'The Mermaid Society'

Filtrate Eyewear ambassador Katie Williams recently linked up for an interview for 'The Mermaid Society'! For those unfamiliar, 'The Mermaid Society' is a new emerging blog site that focuses on girl surfing, fashion trends, and happenings. They've had over 150,000 readers with in their first few weeks of launching! In this particular article they focus on our eco-friendly range of RAW Collection. When 'The Mermaid Society' wanted to endorse surf products that are good for the environment without sacrificing quality of a product , The RAW Collection seemed to be a perfect fit, and when asked Katie goes on to explain "Yeah I LOVE the RAW Collection I wear mine everywhere, they go with everything! The thing I love the most is they feel so great to touch and on your face. To get technical the material (Cellulose Acetate) used to make the frames is petroleum free (unlike many other top of the line brands), so they are resin basically made from cotton and plant fibres which is awesome.

The colours of the frames are a matte and look so slick. The look is amazing because there is no paint involved in the process which is also a plus for the environment and your the skin on your face… Especially good if you get allergies from paints or petroleum. They are such a unique look but also right on trend with some great classic styles." 


To read more on why Katie loves our RAW range and why you should too, click on the link below! Plus there is a way for you to win a pair for yourself, so don't waste a minute! CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW.