Filtrate Eyewear partners with Kutty Noteboom // Hippy Killer

Filtrate Eyewear partners with Kutty Noteboom // Hippy Killer on a collaborative design in the Working Class Collection. The "Hippy Killer" is unique frame specifically designed with the everyday commute, casual and committed biker in mind. Over the past 2 years, Filtrate Eyewear has been developing a sunglass design that would offer the rider an alternative to wearing bulky uncomfortable goggles. Co founder, Wade Sutton says “ With a streamline design, our Hippy Killer collaboration sunglass directs the wind away from the eyes while letting enough air to prevent the lens from fogging up while riding. During the design process we brought in Kutty Noteboom to help test the product and get it to a point where he would be happy to endorse and put his name on the sunglass. It was a big deal for Kutty to put his reputation on the line so we went through many style changes to get to the finished product. We are extremely excited with the end result.”

The Hippy Killer collaboration is part of Filtrate Eyewear's Working Class Collection and will be available in stores in July. Hippy Killer brand is owned and run by Kutty Noteboom ~


Filtrate Eyewear Working Calass Collab // Kutty Noteboom // Hippy Killer from Filtrate Eyewear on Vimeo.

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