07 March, 2014

Dege O'connell


While the ASP tour was looking for any lumps over 2 foot to ride, Filtrate team rider Dege O'connell was pushing the boundaries at Jaws. Dege O’Connell “went on one of the biggest gnarliest waves I’ve probably seen this year with too much chop to hold a line, the lip landed on him, causing his board to invert and his fins slicing his leg to the point he thought he had lost it. Dege said "I thought I had lost my leg as it went completely numb. Then the air bag [on the safety vest] popped on the second wave and I got washed all the way in. The safety skis were all helping the boat that flipped over but thankfully a guy from here named Juan eventually grabbed me". SURFING mag staff photographer Brent Bielmann says."The funny part is everyone but Dege was losing their minds. He was telling everyone to calm down haha". Dege had to go to the hospital but we're happy to report not only is he okay there were no serious injuries! To top it off he's already crutching around town! Get well soon Legend! 


Photos by Brent Bielmann