08 August, 2013


US OPEN of surf team signing

Trying to stay one step ahead of the pack and our competition… we decided to use the all mighty power of social media as our Surf Team signing poster for the HSS / Vans US Open of Surfing poster. Mark Reider long time HSS Marketing manager stated… “You guys have created the single most effective and creative signing poster in history of these events…great job and looking forward to your return next year!!” He also walked off in a brand new pair of Sink matte black blue mirror…he was pumped on Filtrate. That $hit will go a long way!!!

Of course after all the girlies were frothing on the team riders insty posters we did our best to have a good time after business was handled. Big thanks to the Ding DrX in Huntington Beach for supplying us with his side yard for the good times.

With co-sponsor Roulette Clothing and Raw Kulture we made a ton of noise with the San Clemente local band Tunnel Vision (Filtrate’s house band). The Kegs were flowing and the cops came twice. Nobody was injured and everyone placed nice. :]